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16  General Posh Category / News and Announcement / Re: Pink posh Ranks on: June 20, 2008, 05:56:25 am
its sooo hard ne
17  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: Jokes and funny stories! on: June 20, 2008, 05:46:03 am
All About You

♥ The symbol of used to be the LIVER, not the heart!
♥ After spending hours working in front of a computer monitor, a piece of white paper will probably
   appear pink.
♥ URINE was once used to wash hair - to get rid of lice!
♥ Your pupils dilate when you see someone you LOVE. They also do that when you see someone you hate.
♥ Researchers have found that mosquitoes are attracted to people who've just eaten bananas.

It's all About Food!

♥ Paper can be made from asparagus.
♥ Popcorn was banned from most movie theaters in the 1920s cause it was considered noisy.
♥ Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.
♥ In ancient times, Eqyptians worshipped Onions!
♥ Ice Cream contains a seaweed known as carrageenan or Irish moss.
♥ The world's most expensive coffee comes from monkey poop.
♥ The first soft drink can was introduced by RC Cola in 1964.
♥ In Gainesville, Georgia, its against the law to eat chicken with a fork!
♥ Mint is good for repelling mice.

omg, it didnt know that!
18  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: *~.Your Drunk Name.~* on: June 20, 2008, 05:44:39 am

yay! did it!
19  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: *~.Your Drunk Name.~* on: June 14, 2008, 01:23:44 am

ne, i missed a lot!

its supposed to be leanne
20  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: rate the avatar above you on: June 14, 2008, 01:21:13 am
9.2 ....

i dont like ashley tisdale that much...
21  Off-topic Mode / Anime Talk / Re: haruhi, mikuru or yuki? on: June 14, 2008, 01:09:33 am
i like mikuru too
22  Off-topic Mode / Anime Talk / Re: Who is your fave anime character? on: June 14, 2008, 01:08:48 am
i also like sakura, tomoyo and syaoran from ccs!

oh, and hanon hosho and Nagisa Shirai from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure
23  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 13, 2008, 04:10:17 am

oh my! im doing it again!
im trying to finish this story asap so i can start on a new one!


yay! i made them hug alwedy! but.... who is at the door?

waah! i lubb cliffhangers!
24  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 13, 2008, 04:05:55 am
The Decision:

“Yes Syaoran?” Yelan inquired.

“I…I don’t think that this should be the reason to cancel the show.” Syaoran replied.

“’You think we should continue the show regardless of any feelings that may be present?” Yelan asked incredulously.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Syaoran stated with finality.

“I agree with Syaoran, Yelan. I think that that it’s unfair for the other contestants that came onto this show. Feelings change over time. You might even find someone better fit to be the bride to the next leader of the Li clan rather than me.” I said. Yelan looked at and observed me for any ulterior motive or for any doubts. I guess since she went on she found none.

“”Well… if you both agree with continuing the show, then I guess we must.” Yelan said after she scanned me.

“Um, overlooking the fight… what was the result of the modeling competition?” I asked curiously.

“Well, since neither you nor Meilin had been present for the second half of the runway show; we had to take the scores from the first half. The winner had been you.” Yelan said.

“Who had to leave?” I asked.

“Hirashi Mina, Kai Mizuki and Minara Tomoko” Syaoran replied (a/n: I used last names first.)

“How could there have been three eliminations?” I asked.

“They were caught smoking on the grounds.” Yelan said bitterly.

It was an unspoken rule in the Li household. No one was to smoke and no one who smoked could enter the family. It was too painful for Syaoran and Yelan especially since that was a reason how Syaoran’s father died at such a young age.

“Now there are fifteen contestants left because Tomoyo doesn’t count.” Syaoran stated.

“How long do you think this show will last?” I asked.

“Well, looking at the result of these two weeks, the show will only last about a month… maybe a bit more.” Syaoran said.

“Wow, doesn’t that mean you’ll be engaged in a month?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what it means and we are hoping to find a very suitable bride for him. Syaoran if you could leave I’d greatly appreciate it since I want to talk to Sakura right now.” Yelan said looking at her son.

“Fine, I’ll leave you to talk about whatever you’re going to talk about.” Syaoran said and left.

“Are you really fine with decision? I can tell that you like my son.” Yelan spoke softly to me.

“Of course I am Yelan. It’s his choice after all. This is the woman he’s going spend his life with.” I said.

“Were you a bit disappointed over my son’s decision?”

“A bit, but like I said it’s his choice. Plus he’s right; it would be extremely unfair for the other participants.”

“How would you feel if you’re chosen?”

“If I’m chosen I’d be honored just to enter the Li family.”

“There’s really nothing honorable about it.” Yelan said with a small smile.

“Well, I hope that even if I’m not chosen on this show, that I find someone that I and can be with. I hope the same for Syaoran as well.” I said.

“That’s sweet, but isn’t the only thing to keep a marriage going. You need passion and trust as well.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Many people think being the clan leader’s wife is easy and all you have to do is look pretty but it’s not. Ever since I lost my husband I had to take over. I went through training about the company and my manners and etiquette always were at its highest. As a Li, I can never act in an ill manner because it doesn’t just represent me; it represents the entire clan and what it stands for.”

“That really must be tough. I really think that that’s not what’s in the contestants’ heads. I think all they care about is the money and being with a hottie.”

“Very true, indeed. I hope he doesn’t make a bad decision. Oh, you may leave now and please tell Syaoran to come in to my office if you see him.” Yelan said.

“He won’t make a bad choice. You should trust him. And sure thing.” I said and got out of my seat and left the office. I walked back in to see Yelan holding out the locket to me knowing I would come back for it. I smiled and walked out.

I walked down the hall toward my room and turned the corner to come face to face with Syaoran.

“You’re done talking to my mother?” he asked.

“Obviously or I wouldn’t be here. Your mother wants to speak to you.” I told him.

“Right, so I’ll be on my way.”

“See you Li.”

“Really, I would think you’d call me Syaoran by now considering we were best friends.”

“Exactly Li, we were which means we are no longer. Now I advise to hurry up. Your mother isn’t much patient.”

“Right, see you Ying Fa.” He said and left. The way he said my name made my heart flutter. This wasn’t going to happen again. I vowed I wouldn’t fall for Li Syaoran. But would it really apply if he was my old best friend Li Xiao Lang?


“You called for me mother?” Syaoran asked.

“Yes Xiao Lang I did.”

“Why are you calling me by that name again? You stopped before why now?!”

“The reason is because Sakura now knows your identity.”

“Oh… I’d rather have you call me Syaoran, mother.”

“Very well Syaoran. I would like to know why you made that choice. You could’ve easily confessed the feelings you’ve been bearing for all this time.”

“This isn’t the place I’d like to confess to anyone mother.”

“Either way Syaoran, you do know this means less of a chance to be with the one you truly desire right?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. This family will stop at nothing to get us together.”

“Very true…”

“So what was the real reason you brought me here? There is no way you would waste any time with only this, especially if you’re talking to me.”

“Right, I want this process sped up. I only want 2 people cooking; anyone left and Sakura. I want you to start your dates and eliminate as many girls as you can.”


“Feimei’s wedding is this month. Two weeks from today to be exact and I want everything to be perfect. You will be allowed to have a date but I suggest that you don’t. It’d be extremely disrespectful to have a stranger at a family wedding.”

“Right mother right. I don’t understand why I have to attend Kinomoto Touya’s wedding.”

“It is your sister’s as well.”

“I understand that, but I play no role in the wedding besides the bride’s younger brother.”

“Yes, well we can’t put you as a groomsman, that’s Touya’s job.”

“We all know who he’s choosing. There’s Yukito as the best man, Yue as one groomsman, and Eriol as the other.”

“Right and do you know who Feimei is choosing?”

“Our sisters?”

“No, she’s choosing Sakura as the maid of honor, her friend Stephanie Taylor as a bridesmaid and Tomoyo as the other bridesmaid.”

“Um… so?”

“Sakura has had a crush on Yukito for a while now. I know for a fact that Yukito is somewhat enchanted by her. If he makes the move before you do, I’d hate to say this but you’d lose all hope. Therefore I am telling you not to bring a date and eliminate as many girls so they will not know about this event if word gets out. Which it probably will since it’s a Kinomoto and Li unity.”


“Also, as a matter of your bride, I want Rae Meilin gone!”

“But mother…”

“Not buts, she will be eliminated after your date.” Yelan said with finality glaring at her son challenging him to disobey. Syaoran just stood up quietly and left. He went to find Sakura and not surprisingly she was in her room on AIM.



CB BliSS xD: omg eriol, I got into this major fight w/ meilin then had like a history lesson bout my

mom with yelan.

Blue Magician12: wow, I wish I was there to see you kick some major butt. What were you

fighting over? mi czn?

CB BliSS xD: haha no, why would I ever fite ovr ur czn?

Blue Magician12: cus you like him?

CB BliSS xD: i nvr said tht

Blue Magician12: its so obvious kura

CB BliSS xD: u suck eriol. aite ima go talk to yukitooo noww

Blue Magician12: sure ditch me for ur loverboy

CB BliSS xD: ur gonna be talking to moyo anyways. she just signed on

CB BliSS xD: see ur not evn replying anymores

Blue Magician12: ttyl, chatting with moyo

CB BliSS xD has signed off


hung3r at itz full3st: Hey Kura

CB BliSS xD: heyz yuki

hung3r at itz full3st: how’s hk? cant wait to go there for the wedding

CB BliSS xD: yah cant wait to see you too

hung3r at itz full3st: so what’s with you and ran? u guys hitting it off?

CB BliSS xD: we dun get along remember?

hung3r at itz full3st: stop hiding it kura even touya’s accepting it that you like him

CB BliSS xD: forreal? wat u do 2 my bro while im here?

hung3r at itz full3st: nuthin gosh down grl

CB BliSS xD: howz yue? havnt heard from him

hung3r at itz full3st: hez been bettah, got dumped by kaho and now going w/ nakuru

CB BliSS xD: who you with?

hung3r at itz full3st: Stephanie Taylor ya noe, feimei’s bridesmaid?

CB BliSS xD: oh man thts friggin wicked

hung3r at itz full3st: yah u cud say dat

CB BliSS xD: ur sn is madd weird yuki you should change it.

hung3r at itz full3st: not gonna, madd special yo

CB BliSS xD: funny, man moyo’s IMing me like crzy gonna talk to her now ttyl yuki

hung3r at itz full3st: kayz kura, remember call me wenever u can

CB BliSS xD: aite yuki

CB BliSS xD has signed off


Vi0let Bearsx3: hey saku

Vi0let Bearsx3: sakuuuuu

Vi0let Bearsx3: sakuraaaa


CB BliSS xD: what what what? hu died?

Vi0let Bearsx3: no one. i hurd bout the fite u had w/ meilin wat happened?

CB BliSS xD: she insulted me moyo. she said I was sucking up to get chosen

Vi0let Bearsx3: aww saku, she’s just jealous

CB BliSS xD: yeah yeah w/e

Vi0let Bearsx3: ohhh did u know? eriol, yukito and yue all coming this week and living here

CB BliSS xD: man I talked to eriol and yukito and they told me zilch luckkyyy

Vi0let Bearsx3: haha my man gotta tell me everything xD

CB BliSS xD: just cus he’s scared moyo

Vi0let Bearsx3: riiiteee

CB BliSS xD: w/e oh man li’s here gtg see ya

CB BliSS xD has signed off

As soon as I saw Syaoran come in I signed off and closed all the windows on my computer.

“What do you want Li?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Ying Fa, I just wanted to see you. And to see who you were talking to.” He replied.

“Eriol, Yukito and Tomoyo. I heard from Tomoyo who got told by Eriol that him, Yue and Yukito are all coming and staying here starting this week. I can’t wait!”

“Can’t wait to see Yukito ?” Syaoran said with a little bit of jealousy dripping.

“What are you talking bout?! Yukito’s with Stephanie and I got over him already. I can’t wait to see Yue though. He broke up with Kaho and is with Nakuru. I didn’t see him when we left to come here you know.”

“Yeah what a shame.” Syaoran said sarcastically.

“What’s with you Li? Why so jealous all of a sudden?” I asked angrily.

“I like you and you’re too damn dense to see it! God Kinomoto, people would think you’d pick it up since it’s so obvious!” Syaoran shouted.

“It’s not my fault that I don’t notice! I don’t know what happened to you Li but you remind me NOTHING of Xiao Lang. I liked him what happened to him ?!”

“He died when Ying Fa left.”

“I’m back and he’s still dead!”

“You’re not Ying Fa anymore Kinomoto. You’re Sakura now and I still like you!”

“Syaoran, I’m sick and tired of you being oblivious of how I feel. I don’t care if you like me. I never stopped liking you as Xiao Lang or Syaoran. Just because you couldn’t tell me we’re stuck in this stupid show!”

“Don’t blame me Sakura!”

“I’m not. But I’m telling you one thing, even if I win this show I’m NOT going to marry you just because of that!” I said and huffed down on my bed.

“Why not? You like me isn’t that good enough especially since you’re going to marry me?”

“No it’s not enough! We don’t have trust and you know it. You just proved it!”

“We’re not a couple Sakura how would you know?!”

“I don’t know Li and I don’t want to witness any unfaithfulness either. That means if you take me on a date on this show, I had better be the last one.” I said glaring at him.

“Fine Sakura fine.” Syaoran said and wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and fell into his embrace. Then I heard the door open. I looked up to see….

End Of Chapter
25  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 13, 2008, 04:04:19 am
The Past

Syaoran and I arrived at Yelan’s office. Usually, you had to knock but to our surprise the office door was wide open and her voice from within told us to enter. It’s really freaky when she does that, it’s like she’s psychic. As Syaoran and I entered, we both sat down in the chairs in front of her.

“Sakura, you mentioned a locket Nadeshiko left you, may I see it?” Yelan asked. Luckily I brought it and handed it to her.

“I remember this well. I was with her when she got it engraved. We also looked at all the pictures together. We argued over what to choose actually.” Yelan said smiling. I looked at her in confusion.

“What does it mean? What was her regret? Taking me from here to Japan?” I asked.

“Sakura, do you remember what we called you before you turned 15 so Syaoran wouldn’t know who you were?” Yelan asked.

“Um… you guys called me Ying Fa right?” I asked.

“Exactly. Do you remember that little boy that was always with us and always teased you when you were younger?” She asked.

“His name was Xiao Lang. He was my best friend during the stay here.” I said. I saw Syaoran stiffen. Then it clicked, Xiao Lang and Syaoran meant the same thing.

“Mother, what does this locket say? And what does Sakura and I have to do with it? Ying Fa left and never returned. She probably died in the car accident her mother died in.” Syaoran said looking mournful.

“On the contrary, Ying Fa is sitting right beside you in this room.” Yelan stated and I saw Syaoran turn and look at me. ‘”As for the locket son, it says:

To my lovely daughter,

This will be the last time we visit the Lis until you grow older. I am sorry to take you away from such childhood memories but this is not your destiny. I’m giving you this locket not for forgiveness but for closure. All I want you to be is , nothing less. Remember, mistakes are a part of life, regrets are too. But be careful, some hold a larger wound than others. Sakura, I have had many regrets in my life, and this is my biggest. Separating you from those you cherish as much as family and the one you and will always love. If destiny is fair, you will meet him again.




This was the only picture that I could find of you and Syaoran that looked good.

“Who’s her mother referring to when she says ‘the one you and will always love’?” Syaoran asked.

“She meant you. Sakura and you had always shown an unusual liking to each other. Nadeshiko and I both saw in your teasing games. And well… we decided that you had to be separated for you were too young to understand. Unfortunately, after Nadeshiko’s death, Sakura nor her family except Touya had ever returned to Hong Kong until now. All those times that I went on vacation when you were younger were to visit the Kinomotos.” Yelan explained.

“Yelan, what I don’t understand is how come I didn’t receive the locket but rather found it in a drawer in my room?” I said.

“I’m pretty sure Nadeshiko gave it to you when you were packing. The room you are staying in now was the room you stayed in when you were younger. You had probably placed the locket in the dresser and forgot about it. No one found it because the room had always been designated to you and kept locked.” Yelan reasoned.

“Mother, are you saying that locket is a blessing kind of thing and a sorry note to Kinomoto?” Syaoran asked.

“Yes, something of the sort…” Yelan said.

“Will this affect the show at all?” I asked.

“Well, the thing is… if you at this time do like each other or let’s say each other… then, the show is to be cancelled. But, I’m telling you right not Sakura, this show is for you. The winner will definitely be you. If not from the show, you will be married to Syaoran in any other way.” Yelan stated.

“Mother, I should have a say in whom I marry!” Syaoran said.

“Yelan, it’s unfair to everyone that even came on this show that had hope in marrying your son.” I said.

“No matter of what you say, answer this question the both of you… do you like one another?” Yelan asked. We were silent for a while… Then Syaoran spoke up. “I…”

End of Chapter
26  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 13, 2008, 04:03:31 am

Syaoran walked over to me and looked me straight in the eyes and said to me “Kinomoto, I want to know what really happened backstage.”

“Meilin already told you, why are you asking me?” I asked.

“I don’t believe her.”

“Well you should, because that’s what happened.”

“That’s not what Mina said when I asked her.” he said. Damn it, I never would’ve thought he’d actually go to the other source. It seemed more like Yelan’s approach. That was it! He did believe Meilin but took his mother’s suggestion and check my side too.

“What did Mina say?” I inquired.

“She said that Meilin was annoying the professionals and that you told her to tell them when to stop pulling on the corset. She also said that you were telling her how to be better on the runway and that Meilin started saying things like you’re sucking up to the family just to get chosen.”

“Then yeah, there’s your story. Why bother asking me?”

“I want to hear it from you!” He exclaimed.

“I lunged on Meilin because she pissed me off.” I said. I just turned back around and started packing again, if he wasn’t going to stop me, then I will live with this regret.

“Kinomoto, why are you packing?”

“I’m leaving remember? Technically, I’m disqualified from the rules. But you guys haven’t made the final say so I really can’t leave yet. I’ve called the car around though.” I said.

“Why are you so drastic on every occasion Kinomoto?! Do you want to leave that badly?!” He asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I’m perfectly sure that your mother is fine with it. And if I explain it to your sisters they’d be fine with it too. I’m also pretty sure that you don’t mind me leaving since I’m ruining the competition as you greatly put it.” I said while I was packing.

“What if I said that I don’t want you to leave?” He asked pleadingly.

“I’d ask you, why should I believe you and why should stay? All I’ve been doing is making a big mess of everything and getting special treatment that I’m not supposed to have!”

“You should believe me because I really mean it. You should stay because; you’re the one this show is revolved around that’s why you’re getting special treatment. This show isn’t about getting a fiancée; they already want you to play that role. It’s about the debuting of the Li bride.” he told me.

“And we couldn’t do this without the show? I don’t buy it Li.” I said. I had finished packing and brought my bags and walked passed him just to be stopped by the Li sisters and Yelan.

“By the decree of our brother and judges of this show, you must stay.” Yelan stated with finality. I gulped and put my bags down.

“Kura, you can’t leave, none of want you to!” Fuutie said to me.

“Yeah, if you were gone who would kick the sluts’ butts?” Fanren said jokingly.

“Touya would be pretty damn pissed at us for sending you home too.” Feimei said.

“Even though he hates Syaoran, he thinks it’s best if you stayed. We called him a while ago… He almost hung up if he didn’t hear Feimei.” Sheifa said.

“See, we all want you stay.” Syaoran said. I just looked at the Li family with a blank face. What could I say? Such caring people, minus Syaoran were begging me to stay. I couldn’t refuse I sighed and caved in.

“Fine I’ll stay” I whined.

“YES!” The Li sisters squealed in unison. They all walked off leaving me alone with Yelan and Syaoran. I walked over to Yelan.

“Yelan, I found a locket that my mom left me a long time ago. I don’t get it… Not really anyway…” I said to her. Yelan nodded, she knew what I was talking about.

“Syaoran, Sakura come into the study after you two unpack the luggage for it will no longer be necessary. I will tell Wei to tell the driver to put back the car.” Yelan ordered.

“I hate it when she just does that!” I groaned.

“She isn’t your mother, you should be . You probably have a better one.” Syaoran said.

“That’s if I had one.” I said mournfully.

“What do you mean if you had one?” He asked.

“She passed away when I was young.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“No, it’s not that bad. When she was alive she always brought me here. After she passed away we came here less frequently.” I said.

“You came here before?!” He asked in disbelief. I knew that usually Yelan didn’t let people over but we were exceptions.

“Yeah, I have. I never saw you here though. Yelan told me that it was because you had a tough time accepting you father’s death. Whenever my family visited you were either not home, at boarding school or locked in your room. Or so your sisters said.”

“Wow… you are close to being family.”

“Nowhere near, actually, I will be once Touya marries Feimei.” I said as we walked off to Yelan’s office.

I was officially staying.

End Of Chapter
27  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 13, 2008, 03:13:57 am

lolz ur right! hehe... and i think i'll make syaoran hug kura soon....


i'll try! lol... but its so hard, everytime im bored i go here and write!

and im bored most of the time....
28  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 08, 2008, 04:54:56 am

I was furious as it was, I didn’t need to hear Syaoran telling me to get off Meilin. Meilin was screaming and trying to escape but I wouldn’t let her. She shouldn’t have insulted me. She should’ve known her place and not try to be superior. I kept attacking her, pulling her hair, scratching her, punching her, whatever I could do. In a matter of minutes after my second punch I felt someone lift me off her. I finally turned around to see a beyond upset Syaoran. I had never seen him this upset, not even at me!

“Kinomoto, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” He asked fiercely rage burning in his eyes.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m beating the crap out of that tramp!” I said just as fierce. I heard Meilin fake as if I broke her bone or something.

“No, WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS RUINING THIS COMPETITION!” He yelled. Believe me, even after knowing him for 3 years, he had NEVER yelled at me. He went over to comfort Meilin.

“Fine, then I’m leaving. I don’t want to be in your way of getting your dream girl.” I said coldly. I walked out of the room and straight to the judges’ panel.

“Yelan, I want to drop out of this game show.” I said firmly but, begging her with my eyes.

“Sakura, I can’t do that… It’s up to Syaoran or one of us to kick you out. No girl can drop out.”

“Then kick me out! All I’ve been doing is cause trouble for you and your son. I shouldn’t even be here; Syaoran and I don’t even get along!” I said close to tears.

“Look, my son can be a little cold at times but that doesn’t mean he hates you.”

“I messed up the show backstage…”

“How?” Yelan inquired.

“I got into a fight with Meilin.”

“There must be a good reason behind it Sakura.” Yelan replied. I was about to tell her but got interrupted by Syaoran.

“Oh but there isn’t mother, she attacked Meilin out of pure jealousy and anger of the great show. Meilin told me that she was helping Mina when Kinomoto here, started dissing her and attacked her.” he said.

Yelan looked at me, knowing it was not the truth. I desperately wanted to leave before I cried. So I acted as if that was what happened.

“Is this true Sakura?” Yelan asked me.

“Yes, every bit of it. I’m so sorry, I did such a horrible thing, and I can’t even bear to face it. I’ll be packing my things now. I’ll see you at Feimei’s wedding. That is, if my rude behavior is still acceptable there.” I said guiltily even if it wasn’t real.

“Of course you’re allowed, it’s your brother’s wedding after all.” Yelan said. I walked out of there without turning back.

Yelan and Syaoran

“Sakura lied just now you know. She did it because she doesn’t want to stay here and probably to save Meilin from getting kicked off.” Yelan said to Syaoran.

“What makes you so sure?”

“The look in her eyes, she and Nadeshiko are just the same, they can’t lie without their true emotion showing.”

“What was the look in her eyes?”

“Everything but guilt, she had a triumphant and determined look. I think she got what she wanted and she knew her action was wrong but, let’s put it this way, she did it for a good cause.”

“How can you even say that mother?! She injured a contestant!” Syaoran said heatedly.

“You should’ve listened to her side of the story or asked Mina what happened since she was Meilin’s alibi. Letting Sakura go right now will be one of you’re life’s biggest mistakes and regrets. Are you really willing to do that?” Yelan asked wisely.

“You make her sound like a goddess or something. She’s just a normal girl.”

“A normal girl that you’ve fallen for Syaoran! I can see it in her eyes, she feels the same way but isn’t quite sure yet. I will not force you to get engaged with the winner of this show if your heart’s not in it. I want you to be Syaoran, and I’ve only seen you show so much emotion with Sakura after your father. She knows what it’s like to feel , and you’re just making it harder for her to cope. Be smart for once and follow your heart, not your reason.” Yelan said and left her son standing in awe.

Sakura in her Room

I was packing up my luggage and waiting for the car to drive around. For some reason, I felt like this would be my biggest mistake, but I was willing to take it. If I won, I would’ve had to marry that jerk who didn’t bother asking for my side of the story. Why did I feel so hurt that he didn’t care for my explanation? We were always like that, not close and mean to each other, why was it different now?! I was sitting in the room and I opened a draw and saw a little locket. I opened it, there was a picture of me with a little boy that resembled Syaoran. On the side it said:

To my lovely daughter,

This will be the last time we visit the Lis until you grow older. I am sorry to take you away from such childhood memories but this is not your destiny. I’m giving you this locket not for forgiveness but for closure. All I want you to be is , nothing less. Remember, mistakes are a part of life, regrets are too. But be careful, some hold a larger wound than others. Sakura, I have had many regrets in my life, and this is my biggest. Separating you from those you cherish as much as family and the one you and will always love. If destiny is fair, you will meet him again.




This was the only picture that I could find of you and Syaoran that looked good.

Me and Syaoran? Holding hands…as if we were very close. If this was true, then what happened? A road of mistakes… Should I commit this one too? I was drowning in my thoughts and I heard a knock on my door. Then a voice I never expected to be there… I opened the door to be face to face with Syaoran. He no longer looked mad; instead he looked as if he was confused, desperate and depressed. That’s when I realized, this was one mistake that was not going to happen.

End of Chapter
29  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 07, 2008, 11:04:21 pm
As Syaoran and I walked into the mansion once again, everyone was no longer in the dining room but rather the living room. All the girls were listening intently to what Fuutie was saying.

“So, any questions?” she asked cheerfully.

“Yeah, what the hell were you talking about?” I asked.

“Oh hey Sakura, you’re back? Well as I was saying to the other girls… The first task is to become the perfect lady and show it at a runway for Daidouji Designs.” Fuutie exclaimed ly.

“Are you kidding me?! Tomoyo agreed to do that?!” I said in shock. I hated it because they ALL knew except maybe Syaoran that I modeled part time.

“Yup, she was thrilled!” Feimei chipped in.

“Oh gosh, shoot me now.” I cried.

“I would shoot you, but unfortunately… Nadeshiko would probably hate me and haunt me.” Yelan said jokingly.

“We’re neglecting the other girls mother.” Syaoran spoke up annoyed at the special treatment I was receiving.

“Oh right, then ladies, you may go to your quarters if you have no questions. Within a few hours maids and designers will be entering your room and educating you.” Yelan said. Once the other girls dispersed we as down meaning Tomoyo, the Lis and I.

“I can’t wait to see you in the dress I made!” Tomoyo squealed as I grimaced.

“Why are you so ? There’s probably no chance of me making it pass this stage.” I said.

“Well if you mess up on purpose we’ll know Kura.” Fuutie said.

“No you wouldn’t, everyone makes mistakes.” I said.

“Not you, we’ve seen you on EVERY runway. Never did we see you make any stupid mistake.” Feimei stated. I hated it when they were right.

“Wait… are you telling me that she knows how to runway walk?!” Syaoran exclaimed being completely clueless.

“Of course dear, Sakura here is a part-time model at Daidouji Designs!” Yelan said.

“That’s unfair! She has an advantage.” he said in disbelief.

“Therefore, she’ll get no extra runway training from these professionals, considering she herself is one.” Sheifa said. I knew they all admired me, but I really felt like I should get disqualified. And for some reason, I felt everything in this competition would be built around me.

“Yelan, Sheifa, Fuutie, Feimei, Fanran; don’t you think I should be disqualified? It’s completely unfair to the girls AND I disobeyed the rules before when I left the mansion.” I said. I was trying to reason with them so I could leave the place.

“We’re the judges Kura. And we say you stay, so you must stay!” Fuutie said. I groaned and Tomoyo decided to change the conversation.

“Hey, have you seen and heard Sakura’s new dance and song for her album Cherry Blossom Petals?” Tomoyo asked ly. That made Syaoran’s eyes bulge. He didn’t know I was a singer either. I have so many jobs for such an average high school student from a rich family.

“You’re the amazing singer CB?!” Syaoran asked in complete shock.

“Uh… yeah… I am… I thought you already knew” I said looking at him weirdly. I knew he wasn’t close with his family but I really thought he knew!

“My family tells you more things about me than they tell me about you.” He said grumpily.

“That’s not true! We tell you everything about Sakura. You just don’t take heed in any of it.” Yelan said.

“Okay whatever back to business… about the contest… who’s judging?” Syaoran asked in a business tone.

“Well for one, Tomoyo is definitely. Sonomi Daidouji is coming just to see it as well so the Daidouji and well as the Li women are the judges.” Yelan said.

“So I have no say?” Syaoran said. He wasn’t please with the idea, I could tell.

“Not at all,” Sheifa said coldly.

“Don’t you think he SHOULD have a say considering he’s marrying the winner?” I asked trying to help him out.

“He’d be drooling over all of you girls!” Fanren said.

“That doesn’t change the circumstances!” Syaoran argued before I could say anything.

“Very well, you may partake in the judging.” Yelan said.

The Next Week and Runway

“You’re putting too little make up on me!” Meilin screeched at the make-up artist.

“Well, we can’t hide all of you complexion and we were informed not to put too much make-up. If you want to change the rules you bring it up with the Lis.” The woman said. I could tell she was fed up with Meilin’s attitude. Who the hell wouldn’t be?! I was reading a magazine while my hair was being done and being cooperative and only glanced up at the commotion. Then I looked over to Mina who was being quiet when a woman asked her if the corset was too tight on her.

“You know Mina, if you don’t tell them… they won’t stop pulling it tighter. It can lead to suffocation, so you should tell them when to stop pulling the strings.” I said to her kindly.

“Thanks Sakura. You can stop now.” Mina spoke up.

We were ready to go on stage. Each of us modeled the same type of clothing and went in order. I was between Mina and Meilin. Yay! for me. We were starting with the casual clothing that you’d wear out. I had a baby blue tee-shirt that said: Me on the front and Marry Me on the back. And light blue jeans with the military blue 4s. Meilin had a shirt in red that said the same thing. And Mina had one in lavender. When we walked out we walked anyway we wanted that would seem appropriate. I just put my hands in my pocket. Got to the end, nodded my head towards the judges and walked back without trying to pull anything off. When I got to the opening to go back in I waved backwards.

Mina who was in front of me just kept her hands at her sides and put her head down not looking up at the judges or anything. This was going to cost her major impression points. Meilin on the other hand was blowing es. And waving and smiling like a fake Barbie doll. It was sickening to see. When we got backstage I went to Mina.

“Mina, if you want to win this competition you have to have eye contact with the judges. Be fierce and let them see you confident. Confidence is key. I know the Lis, they women who can carry herself out and be a powerful leader!” I advised. She nodded and thanked me once again. As I walked away to get changed Meilin came up to me.

“Kinomoto, stop pretending you don’t want to win. You’re probably looking forward to be a Li.” She spat coldly at me.

“Ha, you think I want to be married and spend all my life with an egotistical jerk?” I said.

“Well, you’re on this show; it makes you no different than the other girls.” She said.

“What makes you think I agreed? I was picked and am stuck here!”

“You could always get disqualified.” She said innocently.

“As if I could…” I said mournfully. I was getting sick and tired of her. I was sincerely being helpful to Mina because she seemed to really like Syaoran. Unlike this witch in front of me who only cared about money.

“Right, because his family loves you right? I hate people like you, sucking up to the family just to be wed and made a Li.”

“Don’t accuse me of something I never did! You don’t understand anything and if you keep making things up I will hurt you.” I sneered. I hated her!

“I dare you Kinomoto. A loser like you couldn’t possibly good at anything. And if you DO hit me, my fan club and admirers would all be after you.” She threatened. I got sick of it and lunged myself at her.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” I heard a voice scream from behind us. I didn’t need to turn to know that it was Syaoran.
30  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 07, 2008, 11:03:14 pm
@sakura_7tin: waah! thanks!

Part 3- Apologies

In the Kitchen with the Li Family and Tomoyo

Syaoran put his hand to where Sakura had slapped him. It was starting to swell up still red. His mother walked towards Syaoran and glared at him.

“I thought I raised you better than that Xiao Lang?” Yelan said coldly.

“What are you talking about?! I did nothing wrong! Sheifa had no right to eliminate Mai. I’m the eliminator!” Syaoran said in his defense.

“That doesn’t give you the right to be ignorant to Sakura’s feelings!” Yelan said. She really liked Sakura and treated her as her own daughter.

“What do you mean ignorant to her feelings? I didn’t harm her in any way.” Yelan said.

“Oh yeah, that’s the reason why she slapped you right?” Feimei commented.

“Okay so fine, but look at it this way. She’s technically disqualified anyway. She left the Mansion without our permission or notifying either of us.” Syaoran said matter of factly

“But we all know where she went, don’t we?” Fanren asked.

“Yes, but she should be no exception to the rule!”

“Son, you have many things to learn. As of now… your chance with her is on the line. We all know what you want.” Yelan said as she walked out followed by her four daughters. This left Tomoyo with Syaoran.

“Li-kun let’s go outside for a bit. I don’t want any of the others to hear our conversation.” Tomoyo said.

“Fine Daidouji-san.” Syaoran said.

“Li-kun… I think you should apologize to Sakura. It was pretty mean to have said she would never be part of the family when there’s an extremely high chance she’ll win this show. Think about it, you like her AND your mother and sisters support her no matter what. So even if you decide to eliminate her… they’ll step in to prevent it.” Tomoyo said reasonably.

“I just didn’t want her proving me wrong!” Syaoran said.

“But you were wrong by yelling at your sister for eliminating someone that bugged Fuutie when she was talking to Sakura. You were also wrong to yell at Sakura. I’m starting to think you don’t deserve her Li-kun.” Tomoyo said ly. She really wanted Syaoran and Sakura to be together but at times… Syaoran didn’t seem fit for the role.

“You really think I should apologize?”

“Yes Li-kun, I do.” Tomoyo said and went back into the Mansion leaving Syaoran outside by himself.

With Sakura

I sat under my favorite Cherry Blossom tree in the garden. I saw Syaoran walk towards me from the house. He had talked to Tomoyo before. I was about to get up and walk away, but I realized that meant going into the waterfall at the edge of the estate. He finally reached me and said “Kinomoto, I want to apologize for the stupid comments I said.” It sounded sincere and this greatly me. He never apologized to me. And he was never sincere.

“What made you realize your mistake Li? You obviously didn’t know it yourself.” I said coldly still a bit upset. I wasn’t going to forgive him that easily.

“You’re right, my entire family and Daidouji told me how wrong I was. If I offended you…I’m sorry about it.”

“Li Syaoran is apologizing for the first time.” I stated… it’s quite hard to believe.

“Yes I’m apologizing, and I would appreciate it if you accepted my apology.”

“Only if you can tell me what you did wrong.”

“I said you would never be part of the family and that you butt into a family member even though you were defending one of your friends.” he said. He looked slightly anxious but I wasn’t sure.

“Then you’re forgiven.” I said smiling. I could see relief wash over his face.

“Thank you Kinomoto. Now, it’s about time for the next event to start. Are you coming?” he asked me.

“Wasn’t I kicked out of the show?” I asked confusedly.

“My family wouldn’t let me kick you out even if I wanted to.”

“So you’re saying you want me to stay?”

“Of course, you probably qualify as the best bride besides Meilin.”

“So I have a huge chance to not marry you?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes Kinomoto. There’s a beacon of hope.” he said laughing at my hopeful face. We walked side by side into the house and for the start of the real competition…

End Of Chapter
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