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31  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / Re: the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 07, 2008, 02:48:40 am
Part 2- The Contestants & First Elimination

A week had passed since the awful Game Show period. Thank God. It’s now the start of Spring Break. Today’s going to be the day where I meet the other people Li chose. I’m just glad he picked Tomoyo to keep me company. Rumors had been around the school last week saying that Meilin Rae, school female heartthrob was going to take the win. Good for her! If Yelan picks her, I’d be ecstatic. In my opinion, I think it’ll be a cruel fate for Meilin.

“Hurry up Kura! We hafta be on time for the show! It’s important!” Tomoyo screeched up the stairs to get me to go down. How much I dreaded this day…

“Moyo, it’s a stupid show for his popularity. Why can’t we make him look bad?”

“It’s going to make us look bad instead Kura.” Tomoyo reasoned. I hated it when she’s right.

I walked down the stairs unwillingly wearing one of her famous Cherry Blossom design line dedicated to me. We left my house and went to her limo. We got to the Li Mansion in half an hour which was still half an hour early. I walked into the familiar place and we were guided into the living room which was already packed. In total, there were 20 girls. Two finalists would have to prove to Yelan they were etiquette to fit the spot of her daughter in law. In the rounds, Syaoran Li was the eliminator.

“Looks like our last two contestants are here.” Someone whispered behind us. I knew instantly that it was none other than Syaoran Li.

“What Li? I asked coldly.

“We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Tomoyo and I are still early.”

“Very well, I won’t stand here wasting my time bickering with you. Instead let’s start the show. Mike get ready to film.”

“Okay boss.” Mike said. “Lights! Cameras! Action!”

A woman in her late twenties stepped forward to the camera and started talking.

“Here we are at the famous Li Mansion in the living room where all the contestants for “Perfect Match’ have gathered. Mr. Syaoran Li would like to say a few words to the audience.”

“I am to hear that my show has become such a must see show. Many girls have come up to me, asking to be chosen. These lucky twenty have been chosen based on personality and as well as looks. They all have unique personalities and I am to see which will match mine.” Syaoran said.

“Great to hear Li.” the woman started again. “Today we also have the special guest who will be picking the winner. Mrs. Yelan Li.”

“Hello all viewers and contestants, this is held for it is time for my son Syaoran to be married off. Through this show, I hope to find the perfect bride for him, although I do have one in mind if he fails to choose someone in this show.” Yelan said.

“And who may this lucky person be?” The woman asked.

“Well, she is my best friend’s daughter. Her name is Sakura Kinomoto.” Yelan said. I froze. If Li didn’t pick someone from this show then, I’d have to marry him. When Yelan Li has something in mind nothing can change it.

“I wonder if this young lady is here.” The woman said.

“Well Betsy, she is!” Syaoran screamed out. I am going to kill him!

“Where is she Syaoran?” Betsy asked hoping to find me. I tried walking out of the room but Syaoran got me and put his arm around my shoulder and kept me there while replying “Right next to me.”

“What do you think you’re doing Li?” I said as I fake smiled.

“Making your life miserable, Kinomoto.” he whispered and smirked at my reaction. Just then Betsy came over.

“Wow, isn’t she a beauty. No wonder you picked her Syaoran. Now, if she were to become your wife, what would your reaction be?” Betsy said.

“I would have no objections.” Syaoran said with a .

“Well, if we’re introducing one of the contestants might as well introduce them all.” Mike suggested.

“Fabulous idea you have Mike!” Betsy said. She said as she started walking to people. She started with the school ****, Tsukiyana Mai. (I’m going to make it last name first.)

“What’s your name?” Betsy asked.

“My name’s Tsukiyana Mai. But you can call me Li Mai. At the end of this show, I’m going to be his fiancé.” Mai said.

“Well what a spunky teen we have here.” Betsy said and moved on to Hirashi Mina. “What’s your name?”

“Hirashi Mina.” She said quietly.

“Do you think you’d win this show?” Betsy said trying to get more of a response from Mina.

“No… I think Meilin’s going to win. She gets everyone she wants.” Mina said.

“Hmm… I wonder who this Meilin is.” Betsy said.

“That’s me.” Meilin replied.

‘Oh, so what’s your full name?” Betsy asked.

“Rae Meilin, age 18, I stand at 5’6” and I’m the school female heartthrob” She said.

“That’s great; who do you think will win?” Betsy asked.

“Me of course, I mean Mai’s like the school ****. Sure, Mrs. Li wants Kinomoto to be her daughter in law, but if she isn’t blind she’ll choose me. I obviously have what it takes to be the winner and head of the Li clan. I’m also the school heartthrob, so what makes you think Syaoran can resist me?” Meilin replied.

“Hmm… well that’s probably true. Let’s check out the other contestants. What’s your name?” Betsy asked as she reached Tomoyo.

“I’m Daidouji Tomoyo, Sakura’s best friend and cousin.” She said happily.

“Are you not the daughter of Sonomi-sama?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

“Two rich families uniting would be completely perfect!”

“You could say that…”

“Well, Miss Daidouji, do you want to win this competition as much as the competitors?”

“Nope, I’m actually taken by Syaoran’s cousin Eriol. I was only chosen to keep Sakura company.”

“Ahh… Li-san is such a gentleman is he not?”

“Yes he is, if he had come first before Eriol, I would’ve probably fallen for him.” Tomoyo said jokingly.

“As if!” I said.

“Well, Kinomoto-san, isn’t this the first time you’ve talked?” Betsy asked me fake smiling at me.

“Yes, but I don’t understand the point of being here.” I said quite rudely. I saw Yelan look over intrigued.

“Did you not want to come on this show?” Betsy asked, that a girl wouldn’t want to be rich.

“Of course not! I have better things to do during Spring Break than spend my time with Mr. Arrogant over there. If I had a choice in any of this, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Well, that’s a shocker, most wanted bachelor, Syaoran Li hasn’t captured the heart of this fair lady.” Betsy said. Then she moved on to the other 15 girls. (Not mentioning them, because they aren’t important to the story.)

After the whole introducing the contestants crap, we went to have lunch in the dining room where we meet the people that introduced the show. Which were the Li sisters which I knew pretty well. Feimei, the youngest one was engaged to Touya and Fuutie was engaged to Yukito. The other two were like Sakura’s older sisters.

“Well, here we are in the grand dining room of the Li Mansion. Here we will meet the wonderful sisters of Li Syaoran.” Betsy said as they entered the room.

“Hi, my name is Li Feimei. I’m one of the starters and sponsors for this reality game show. I’m glad that my brother agreed and chose these 20 terrific girls. Unfortunately, only one can stay and become head of the Li clan.” Feimei said.

“My name is Li Sheifa, Syaoran’s sister as well. I’m glad that this show is such a great hit and I hope it will continue to be.” Sheifa said.

“Li Fanren here, there are rules to this show considering it is a game show. Fuutie and Syaoran will be telling the details.” Fanren said. She had always been the and funny one.

“Hi, I’m Li Fuutie. I would like to start off the rules about sleeping arrangements. Every girl has their own room dedicated to them. There are names on the doors. No one is to visit another’s room with the exception of Tomoyo and Sakura. This game will be fair. For the dates that are set up for the girl and Syaoran, clothing WILL be provided. You may not wear your own clothing on a date. You may however wear your clothing outside and inside the house if not on a date. You all have permission to leave the house as long as you are here and on time for any events scheduled.” Fuutie said. “You can continue now Syaoran.”

“Okay, basically you know the house rules. Meals will be cooked and will be eaten in this room with the rest of the family unless on a date with me. You can make any snacks if you want. For the remaining 5 contestants, you are required to cook a meal for the family and the other girls.” Syaoran said.

“If you leave the mansion you must inform someone of the household meaning my sisters, my brother, my mother, our butler Wei or me.” Fuutie said.

“No catfights between the girls or they will automatically eliminated. I don’t want blood or screams coming ANYWHERE from this house. Is that clear?” Sheifa stated. Everyone nodded their heads. I knew better than to get on her bad side.

“Are there anymore questions?” Feimei asked. No one raised their hand except me. “Yeah Sakura?”

“If you get eliminated… does that mean you get to go home?” I asked.

“Yes it does. But with my mother having a partial say in Syaoran’s decisions… you have no chance of leaving.” Fanren said.

“Awww… kill joy Fanren.” I replied making the Li sisters laugh.

As we were seated to eat lunch, Feimei motioned for me and Tomoyo to sit at the family table rather than the table with the other girls. I got glares and envious looks. Mai followed us to the table trying to make an impression on the sisters.

“Fuutie-san, you’re hair looks so nice. Is it permed wavy?” Mai asked.

“No Tsukiyana it is not.” Fuutie said feeling insulted.

“So it’s natural? That’s so !” Mai said pretending to actually care.

“You know Sakura; I think we need a dress code.” Fuutie said to me completely ignoring Mai. I laughed.

“Yeah… I think we do… I think it’s so inappropriate showing a lot of cleavage you know?” I replied.

“I believe you’ve just been snubbed. And you are not welcome here so will you please go with the other contestants?” Feimei asked politely.

“You’ll regret snubbing me Fuutie.” Mai said threateningly. This pissed Sheifa off a lot.

“Don’t you dare threaten my sister let alone calling her by her first name without permission! Who do you think you are? You are eliminated!” Sheifa said menacingly. Then she shouted out for everyone to hear.


“What?!” Mai exclaimed beyond comprehension.

“You heard me. You’ll be escorted out by a security guard. Don’t you DARE disobey them or go against them. They will kill you.” Sheifa said.

Just as she finished that sentence I saw Li guards enter the room. They walked over to me smiling at me and took Mai into custody and escorted her out of the Mansion. As the guards threw Mai out, Syaoran walked over. Glaring at his sister.

“Sheifa why did you that?!” he said angrily.

“She disrespected Fuutie. What would you have done?!” Sheifa fought back.

“What if I liked her?!” Syaoran questioned.

“We know you better than that little brother, she was probably going to be first in the elimination anyway. Just pretend she never came and you started with 19 people. So now only 4 can cook.” Fanren said, defending Sheifa.

“I didn’t ask you Fanren.” he replied coldly.

“Look Li, your sisters might be patient with you but I’m sure as hell not. She was pissing Fuutie off. Sure Fuutie snubbed her but would you want to be disturbed by an uninvited guest?” I said coldly. I was pissed at him talking to his sisters like dirt. And I happened to have a great liking to all of them.

“Kinomoto, it’s best if you stayed out. It’s a family matter.” he said to me.

“It doesn’t seem like one! It’s more of your selfish matter. All you care about is your image! How can you say you wanted to keep her even if it was going to upset your sisters? I knew you were an inconsiderate jerk, but I didn’t know you cared that little about your family.” I said back to him.

“You have no right to say any of that!” Syaoran said. I knew he was pissed off, but I was too.

“Oh really? Says who? You’re talking to my friends like dirt and I can’t defend them? It doesn’t matter if they’re your sisters… they’re as good as mine!” I said. Yelan entered walking towards our table watching our quarrel in amusement.

“Just because your brother is marrying Feimei doesn’t mean you’re part of the family Kinomoto.” he said coldly. He knew how much it would hurt me and he still said it. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I slapped him, leaving a red mark on his face.

“I’m glad that I won’t be a Li. Because if I was, I’d be related to you!” I said as I was shaking with rage. I walked out of the room and out of the house without telling anyone. I’d just broken the rule, but who cares. I’d rather be kicked out of the stupid show.

End Of Chapter
32  Phinkiztah'z Creative Side / Creative Stories!! / the perfect match - a ccs fanfiction on: June 07, 2008, 02:47:32 am
Disclaimer: I don’t own CCS. Clamp does.
Part 1- The Game Show
Today started off great… that is once I woke up before I heard Tomoyo squeal. My name’s Sakura Kinomoto. I currently reside in Hong Kong because I go to Hong Kong University with my best friend Tomoyo Daidouji. I have a “body of a goddess” people say. But to me, I think I’m average. I’m 5feet 6inches, waist length auburn colored hair, emerald green eyes, curves in the right places and a nice tan.
To me, the beauty is Tomoyo Daidouji. She’s been my best friend since we were able to talk. She’s also my cousin. She stands at model height which is 5ft 9in. She has violet hair that reaches her mid thigh, violet eyes, pale skin and curves in the right places as well. I told her to go into modeling, but she prefers to make clothes rather than show them off. She almost got me a contract in the modeling industry but I turned down the offer before she could talk me into it.
As I was saying before, I thought the day would be perfect when I got out of bed. You don’t know how wrong I was. I ran into the kitchen thinking Tomoyo set something on fire, instead she was watching T.V and a commercial was showing about a game show to find your “soul-mate”. I may be a girl, but I think the whole soul-mate crap is bull. Tomoyo on the other hand loves these kinds of things. When she saw me enter the kitchen she immediately grabbed me and talked non-stop.
“Kura, you should definitely go on the show!” Tomoyo said as I sat down.
“Oh please Tomoyo, it’s full of people with no lives that are desperate for a guy!” I said.
“But, guess who the guy is!” she said ly.
“No, it’s probably no one important anyways.”
“But it is!”
“Yeah right, don’t you dare sign me up!”
“C’mon, guess! If you don’t guess I’ll tell you anyway.”
“Then tell me.”
“It’s Syaoran Li! Complete heartthrob of the school and heir to the Li Clan!”
“Oh great, it’s the arrogant obnoxious jerk that’s rich.”
“Kura! Please?”
“Didn’t the commercial say that you can’t sign up? It said the person had to pick you themselves. So think about it, Li and I hate each other. The only reason we even socialize is because we both are classified as popular and rich. Plus, you’re dating Eriol, his best friend and cousin.”
“Maybe Li likes you Kura!”
“Right… like that’s ever going to happen. If he picks me, it’s to make my life miserable.”
“Whatever! We better go to school now! If we don’t we’re late Kura, and if we’re late it’ll be a bad impression for Li.”
“God, if it wasn’t one of my major classes first, I would skip.”
When we got to school I heard a bunch of girls squealing about the stupid game show. I was about to puke my breakfast out. I walked trying to avoid the girls and the fan club guys I have, and guess who I walk into? Syaoran Li.
“Watch where you’re going Kinomoto!” he said acting all mighty.
“It’s your fault I crashed into you in the first place! If it wasn’t for your stupid little game show commercial I wouldn’t have walked into you!”
“Oh? You wanted to find me so you could get me to pick you first?”
“Only in your dreams Li; I was trying to get away from all those sluts that were talking about it.”
“Kinomoto, you don’t know who you’re messing with.”
“I’ve known you for 3 years Li, I know who I’m dealing with.”
“Oh really?” he said as he pulled me into a tight hug and whispered in my ear. “Then you’re chosen for the game.” and he let go of me.
“What?! I don’t want to be in your stupid game show! It’s a load of bull! I mean soul-mate? Get real!”
“I’m not the one that planned it myself, my sisters did. But hey, at least I get to torture you during the break as well.”
“You mean you want to see me during the break.” I said and walked away.
“Don’t get too cocky Kinomoto!” I just waved him off like a fly.
I got to my class on time and I sat next to Tomoyo. The teacher started lecturing and I was taking notes on my laptop with my AOL instant messenger on. Thank god I put it on silent or else I would be dead.
Sakura & Tomoyo
Vi0let Bearsx3: I didn’t see you after we walked in… where’d you go?
CB BLiSS xD: Walked into Li.
Vi0let Bearsx3: Ohhh see someone’s to get chosen.
CB BLiSS xD: Nuh uh. But anyway, that jerk CHOSE me!
Vi0let Bearsx3: Told you so Kura.
CB BLiSS xD: Don’t be flattered Moyo.
Syaoran & Eriol
Blue Magician12: Did you choose her?
Li Wolf 394: Yeah. How the hell did I lose our bet?
Blue Magician12: Who knows.
Li Wolf 394: Bet you had it rigged.
Blue Magician12: I wouldn’t do that to you!
Li Wolf 394: My ass you wouldn’t. Yo, what if my mom chooses Kinomoto? I’m screwed!
Blue Magician12: She ain’t that bad.
Li Wolf 394: Hell yeah she is!
Blue Magician12: If you’re lucky, your mom might think Mai Tsukiyana is perfect for you.
Li Wolf 394: She’s too slutty even for me!
Blue Magician12: Fine how bout Mina Hirashi?
Li Wolf 394: Nope. I think the best one I chose is Kinomoto… and that’s pretty .
Blue Magician12: Oh well.
Li Wolf 394: I’m taking Daidouji on the show too Eriol. Remember that.
Blue Magician12: WTF! we never made that deal!
Li Wolf 394: Oh well dude, that’s how it works.
Blue Magician12: Fine whatever.
Eriol & Tomoyo
Vi0let Bearsx3: Yes! Babe! you got Li to put Kura on the show!
Blue Magician12: Moyo, baby… You hafta go on the show too
Vi0let Bearsx3: WHAT?!
Blue Magician12: Yeah… Syaoran wanted even trade…
Vi0let Bearsx3: As long as Kura and Li get together…
Syaoran & Sakura
Li Wolf 394: Hey little cherry blossom xD
CB BLiSS xD: Back off Li. I’m trying to take notes!
Li Wolf 394: Don’t tell me you’re not about spending your vacation with me
CB BLiSS xD: I’m not. I had other things to do besides being stuck with you and the other sluts you chose.
Li Wolf 394: I’m you’re calling Daidouji a ****
CB BLiSS xD: You picked her?!
Li Wolf 394: Didn’t think you were special did you Cherry Blossom?
CB BLiSS xD: Surprised Eriol didn’t kick your butt yet.
Li Wolf 394: He’s okay with it. So is Daidouji. It’s just you.
CB BLiSS xD: Why did you choose her?
Li Wolf 394: I thought that the little Cherry Blossom might be .
CB BLiSS xD: Then thanks.
CB BLiSS xD: That’s the first and last time I’ll ever thank you.
Li Wolf 394: Trust me Cherry Blossom. It won’t be.
Li Wolf 394: Did you know what the prize is if you are my “soul-mate?”
CB BLiSS xD: No, nor am I interested.
Li Wolf 394: My mother picks the perfect girl… or so she thinks. And that lucky girl becomes my fiancé.
Li Wolf 394: Are you so confident she’s choosing you?
CB BLiSS xD: Isn’t your mother Yelan Li?
Li Wolf 394: Yes… I didn’t know the Clan was famous enough for you to know.
CB BLiSS xD: Don’t pick me! Let me drop out!
Li Wolf 394: Why? Plus… no can do… I already submitted the names.
CB BLiSS xD: Li… we’re screwed.
Li Wolf 394: How so?
CB BLiSS xD: Our mothers were best friends… they wanted us to get married in the first place…
Li Wolf 394: Oh man…
CB BLiSS xD: You, just gave your mom the perfect opportunity!
Li Wolf 394: I don’t want to get married to you!
CB BLiSS xD: The feeling is mutual!
Sakura & Tomoyo
CB BLiSS xD: Li Wolf 394: Did you know what the prize is if you are my “soul-mate?”
CB BLiSS xD: No, nor am I interested.
Li Wolf 394: My mother picks the perfect girl… or so she thinks. And that lucky girl
becomes my fiancé.
Vi0let Bearsx3: Aww how cute! I wonder who the winner’s gonna be.
CB BLiSS xD: His mother’s auntie Yelan!
Vi0let Bearsx3: Oh… Maybe a better girl would be there?
CB BLiSS xD: Let’s hope so…
Syaoran & Tomoyo
Vi0let Bearsx3: You DO like Kura right?
Li Wolf 394: Yes…
Vi0let Bearsx3: There’s like a 98 chance she’s going to be your future wife…
Li Wolf 394: I know… I’m dead aren’t I?
Vi0let Bearsx3: Kura’s gonna make you’re life a living hell.
Li Wolf 394: What did I get myself into?!
End Of Chapter
A/N: Sorry if it’s confusing… I’m not really good at writing stories that flow… :x
Okay… only Tomoyo knows Syaoran likes Sakura. Eriol doesn’t.
33  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: Are-you-wearing-it-or-not game on: June 02, 2008, 07:42:20 am


are u wearing sunglasses?
34  General Posh Category / News and Announcement / Re: Pink posh Ranks on: June 02, 2008, 06:04:42 am
yup. i believe that
35  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: the phone is ringing game on: June 02, 2008, 06:03:34 am
no! i dun talk to strangers


sakura kinomoto is on the phone,
answer or not?
36  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: banning game on: June 02, 2008, 06:00:58 am
i ban u for being the music mod
37  Off-topic Mode / Photo Gallery / Re: Ugly me...xD on: June 02, 2008, 04:13:01 am
ur so kawaii! u look like my brothers girlfriend!
38  General Posh Category / News and Announcement / Re: Pink posh Ranks on: June 02, 2008, 04:08:52 am
^haha...but your on the way there! haha

ne, maybe i will sumday!
39  General Posh Category / Feedback, Questions and Suggestions. / Re: Writer's Block on: June 02, 2008, 04:07:02 am
ne ne! can we? i alwedy wrote lots of stories
40  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: NICNAME THE PERSON ABOVE!! on: June 02, 2008, 04:05:06 am

but, am i allowed to call u that? or maybe sakura-san, since i dun know u so much...
41  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: rate the avatar above you on: June 02, 2008, 04:03:28 am


kawaii! piggy so cute! *pokes his tummy*
42  Off-topic Mode / Let's Play!! / Re: tween or teen? on: June 02, 2008, 04:02:10 am
nopes, im a teen!

next poster, r u a teen?
43  Off-topic Mode / Anime Talk / Re: pokemon trainers!!! on: June 02, 2008, 04:00:39 am
ne, i like misty too!
44  Off-topic Mode / Music Corner / Re: What's your favorite song? on: June 02, 2008, 03:59:22 am
ne, hmmm... i like lots!
but i like jpop songs most, and lifehouse's you and me
45  Off-topic Mode / Music Corner / Re: Who's your favourite singer??? on: June 02, 2008, 03:57:45 am
skye sweetnam too! she rocks! and, a lil of mandy moore...

oh, and the ppl from lifehouse and switchfoot sounds good too
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