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Author Topic: DETENTION IN HEAVEN  (Read 117 times)
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« on: September 07, 2008, 04:41:07 am »

This fanfic is not originally mine, its from my friend and sorry if there are vulgar words. well i hope you all would enjoy her story. I won't post mine because its not good ^_^...

well here it is..

Detention in Heaven - Chapter 1

In the underground of the famous city tokyo is a very mysterious world called Buscar!( Buscar is a Spanish word which means "to seek" when translated in English ) This is a world where people can live peacefully and happily . People can interact with each other in a very nice and simple manner. But what is unique in this world is that people are really careful upon choosing the words that they are using. here, everyone makes sure that every word that they are using is modest and every flow of their words is said with respect! They make sure that when giving a comment, they say it honestly without insulting a person though they are jotting some errors regarding something. This of course is the reason why Spark Academy, a school made to train students how to respect and live harmoniously is created in the heart of the underground world. in this school studies a girl named Karin Saito, the number one student in school.
"Excuse me ms. Karin but the school director needs to see you! " acute and so adorable purpled hair girl named Naea informed her friend.
"Okay Ms. Naea! I'm going to report to him immediately!
After saying good bye to her friend, Karin immediately went to the D"ofiice ( director's office ) where the kind looking old director Julio greeted her a warm welcoming smile .
" Ms. Karin, you can have a seat!"
"thanks you director"
" You know very well that teachers and directors from other schools will be coming next year! " he said with a calm voice. as if he read Karin's puzzled look, he added " I know that you are wondering why this matter is urgent when as a matter-of-fact , the visit will still be next year.The problem is I am asking some opinions to you since I know that you are simply the most trust worthy student in this school. I am sending you on a mission to research for a project that can show the foreign teachers and directors that until now, the school is loyal in the world's goal in having respectful and trust worthy citizens in the future! Now , can I count on you regarding the matter?"
"yes Mr. director you can count on me"
The bell rang for dismissal and after saying good bye to the kind director, she went home to scan her books in order for her to do some research.
"Ok! this is it! "
after an hour.....
" What can I do! everything seems so organized and peaceful! There's no way I can find something very interesting in order for me to impress the visitors!"
On the other side of the real world, lived four boys.....
" God damn it you stupid son of a ****! There's no way we can pay the apartment rent! deadline for payment is tomorrow"yelled a handsome orange haired Kyog who really look sick of his life!
" Yeah! That stupid old hag is really gonna kick our butts out of this apartment and we'll be sorry to find our pretty asses laying on the streets! tsch! I hate thinking about that! " added an ill tempered aqua-haired Keichi.
" Well, we can just work! you know, apply for a job and ......
" and get fired in the first day of our work!" bellowed a very worried Yakishirou interrupting the idea of the feminine beauty heart throb Yakishiro.
"He's got a point you know! What do we know to do?! We don't know anything about being hardworking!" said a red haired gin who, as usual, very passive about everything."duh"
( doorbell sounded! ding dong! )
" We're really gonna be sorry and stert to setle our butts in the cold streets!!!! "HOO!!!HOOO!!!!What'er we gonna do!"
"Open the door Kyog!""! why me?""because you are seated nearest to it!""How about you Keichi?":make Yakishirou do it! Anyway he's the bravest!"me? no! Keichi is the bravest!"
"will one of you care to open the god damn door?!"
uhmm! this is it!!!!!
Gin just open the door with his usual blank expression....
" You!!!! All of you! You promised me that you are going to pay me! It's already four months you haven't payed me even once! " the angry owner of the house Ms.Takawara bellowed as she stared to from one boy to another!
"Please give us another chance Ms. Takawara! We promise that if earn enough money we are gonna pay you! " keichi said silently! ---(you god darn ****! would you just stop starin at us as if we are dogs!--- the inner Keichi said.)
"hmf! you do not even know anything! all you know is having fun! but now! the fun's over! All of you are going to sleep in the streets! You pesky bastards!"
"If we can pay you tomorrow, would you let us stay ms. Takawara?" all of them are shock! eyes round as ping pong balls! what did Gin said! It's impossible for them to pay tomorrow! How in hell would they get 8OOO yen for 24 hours where in fact they hadn't even got 2500 yen for the entire four months! Stupid Gin! What the hell is he thinking anyway?!
" Gin! You open your mouth only once in a life time and for all those times you've been silent! this is what you are gonna say!" a horrified Yakishiro whispered to gin.
All the three boys are ing comical tears in their eyes! But the **** Takawara really to torture them! Her smile broaden which only chilled the boys!
" Why would you think that I will agree Gin? Give me a good reason! ""If we can pay, make us stay but, if we are can't, we will work for you for free for one year ! Thats enough to pay the debt right?" he said calmly. The other three boys we already shaking because of fear! "Ok! I agree with you which means the deal is on!" with those words, Takawara left laughing!"GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"The three of them are very angry! Willing to kill the man they've been living with for ten years! Smoke are comming out from their ears! they look like dragons ready to breathe fire but instead, it was saliva coming out of their mouths as the cursed Gin who just looked at them with his usual lazy and emotionless eyes."how can we pay her?!" Kyog bellowed."Hell yeah Kyog's right!"Yakishiro said raising a flag to show his support to the sobbing Kyog."I rather sleep in the streets than to serve that god darn Takawara ****!" Yakishiro said."HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO PAY OUR **** DEBT? ? GIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Gin, with his lazy hands, picked up a newspaper and showed it to the ing babies.Silent filled the room as they all marveled at Gin!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AFTER AN HOUR
"Ehy Gin! You are a true genius! Your the best damn thing that our eyes had ever seen!" Yakishiro said."You got the point there! We do not know how to work hard labor coz we are not blessed with that skill!"Confirmed Kyog." Yes you are right! we are not blessed with gardamn brains but we are blessed with **** beauties! Alright! Say hi to our future job!" Kaicji said happily. The three of them stared at a very big building. It was immaculately white in color. You may think it's a portal going to heaven if not only for the very huge billboard at the very top of it. Yes this is it! **************************************************FLASHBACK************************************************
"Gin! You Stupid son of a ****! why did you make such an agreement with that stupid old hag! ?!""yeah you could just......
Silence filled the entire apartment as gin spoke." Look!" he said calmly ." Take a look at this!"All of them stared at the newspaper. They stared at each other for a while before laughing triumphantly!Add says....
+We are looking for male models, 17 to 20 years of age. If you want to apply, just go to our company Eros Paradise at Hana Tokyo! just bring your birth certificates and apply now! Your future can't wait!+
" Future can't wait! Maybe it should be money can't wait!" all the three boys laughed. Yeah right! +END FLASHBACK+
The four took the elevator and entered the room where the audition is taking place. There were so many handsome fellows there aspiring to be models but none as handsome as the four of them. The woman who is sited at the registration area blushed heavily as they registered their names. They waited for hours until finaly, it's their turn. Yakishiro was the first one who entered.He went out with a smile on his face! he was followed by gin who only said 'duh' when he got out then he was followed by keichi who looked satisfied. Then...."kyog! It's you turn! Kyog!"There was no kyog to found anywhere! Where the hell is that ****!.... kyog looked rather pleased with himself. he was talking with the company owner when they found him.He was smiling. She was smiling! Then kyog came back with a very wide smile in his face! We are in!"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! that Takawara **** is totaly gonna be ing our asses tonight! We're in! The owner of the company finds the four of us attreactive and so I told her that she was the most beautiful girl in Yokyo!
Well! That is what we call the circle of life! But then, as though a very cold wind passed by, they realized something that they should have realized before. They lack the time. they were only given 24 hours by the old **** to pay all the rent for the apartment. Now, what are they gonna do?
That's the end of chapter one! Wait till I update for another chapter in order for us to figure out what is really the main solution of the problem!!!

Please comment it and also if you want to drop in her blog just visit this site: and also visit my blog
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